Savastano’s Pizza | Baked Goods| Wings |Salad |Rochester,NY



 NEW:Pizza Margarita
Savastano Special Vegetarian Sicilian Style Mozzarella,Broccoli,Cauliflower
Sicilian Blend of Olive Oil,Garlic,Salt,Pepper, Grated Parmesan,Mozzarella (request without)
The Georgio Spinach,Ricotta,Mozzarella added to our traditional Sicilian (sausage request)
Phil Special Homemade French Twist (when available) with Traditional or Sicilian style
Lasagna Pizza Sausage,Mozzarella,Ricotta on our traditional style pizza
Grilled Ham Ham Mozzarella and Onion on our Sicilian style pizza
Eggplant Pizza Homemade Eggplant  on our Traditional Style Pizza
Brothers Delight  Our Famous Steak Pizza- Steak and Mozzarella with your choice of sauces

Specialty Pizzas

We offer the following toppings to give you endless combination options that satisfy your taste buds!

Pepperoni Fresh Garlic Meatball
Ham Broccoli Green Pepper
Salami Califlower Spinach
Onions Tomato Steak
Anchovies Basil Green / Black Olives
Italian Sausage Ricotta

Chicken Wings menu-sauces-banner-1247e7414d802d784b8f6ae0ff559e94Hot and Mild

All of our signature wing flavors come with

blue cheese dressing & celery sticks.wings


Our signature pastas and zesty sauce are a family favorite!

Flavorful meatballs may be added to any of our pasta dishes at an additional cost.


Looking to eat lighter or need a perfect side for your pizza?

Our salads are made with the freshest ingredients

and we offer a variety of dressing options.

Antipasta Sides

Add an order of our freshly baked bread sticks

or delicious mozzarella sticks to your meal.

Mozzarella Sticks
with your choice of dipping sauce of ranch, marinara or pizza sauce
Pizza Fingers
Your choice of dipping sauce of ranch, marinara or pizza sauce
Garlic Bread
Chicken Fingers
Garlic Bread
French Fries


We have a variety of cold beverages

for you to enjoy with your meal

*all pricing subject to change

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