About Savastano’s

Some of our crew at Savastanos

We have been located at 477 Spencerport Road since 1974.  Making all our own family recipes. See why Rochesterians have been in love with Savastano’s Bakery and Pizzeria for 40 years. We have been here for this long because we love what we do,and so do our customers. Dedication to excellence is what we work so hard for. Our pizza and submarines and baked goods are the best of Rochester NY. Everything is fresh and made in-house. Our recipes have passed down from our family starting in Italy. We through the years have made new additions as well. Always going back to the old school tradition of making the bread and pizza dough and sauces. We take pride in our name and the product we prepare. After all our name is our trademark. People from all over know that if you order from Savastano’s, it’s going to be Delicious!

As a young boy I worked at a local Bakery in 1964, then in 1974 moved to our place on Spencerport Road to open a family operated business of my own. We make everything by hand on the premises. Savastano’s is the home of the original mini pizza and stuffed breads.

2 thoughts on “About Savastano’s

  1. My 1st Job was weekends at Nikki’s Car Wash 79 – 1980… Your Amazing small Pizza’s / Subs and Awesome Bakery Goodies …. Made Life worth Living !!! Thank You 🙂

  2. George, I think about you and your great baked goods when I think of Rochester. I moved to Texas in 1971, and came back Every year for almost 40 years. When the family got together, Helen would bring baked goods from your bakery. I always had Great Respect for how you treated Helen as family. I am the family friend who brought you the Mexican vanilla from Texas and Clara Mangione’s nephew. Hope you have a blessed year.

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